QYP 47: Dr. Joe Tafur on Emotional Healing with Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine


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Over the years, Joe Tafur has been active in the Integrative Medicine community participating in a variety of community and academic projects with his colleagues at UCSD, UCLA, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, the Alternative Healing Network, and the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. In addition to Family Medicine Residency, Dr. Tafur has also completed two years of post-doctoral research at the UCSD Dept. of Psychiatry/Behavioral Medicine.

Since 2007, Dr. Tafur, a has been traveling to Peru to work with Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine and to study with Master Shipibo Healers. He has completed his shamanic initiation under Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and worked alongside him for years in ayahuasca healing ceremony at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual.

Here in the United States, he is working to promote the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare and to demonstrate the intersection between traditional healing and allopathic medicine.