QYP 37

QYP 37: Dr. Eliya kostova on biofield anatomy and fmri research


Dr. Eliya Kostova, Owner of Neitropia Alternative & Complementary & Internal Medicine Clinic

Since January 1998 Neitropia clinic has been in operation in Varna, Bulgaria. Dr. Eliya is a medical doctor with specialization in Internal Medicine, Economy of Health and Law Regulation of Public Health. She has a Masters in Homeopathy accredited by Тhe Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria (AHPB) and European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH). She is a Representative for H.U.M.A Method and Online Materia Medica Master Program of Universidad Candegabe de Homeopatía Argentinа. Dr. Eliya is also certified in Onnuri Su Jok Therapy, Onnuri Twist Therapy, Onnuri Auricular Therapy, Transcranial Electrostimulation Therapy, comMra delta laser series Therapy, Manual Body Based Therapy, Neurotherapy, Energy Body based Therapy, Prana, Three Step Breath Therapy Energy Body-Based Therapies, Reiki, and Seiki M Reiki.